Constantly committed to broadening the awareness amongst Chicago’s professional, artistic and creative talent. Most importantly, promoting the often looked over fact that women are pretty amazing in the creatives art realm. Support Women Artists Now!   

About SWAN Day Chicago

The purpose of the SWAN Day Chicago project stemmed from the need to get artistic talent in a space that wasn’t subjected to the competitive narrative that’s so normally projected amongst women. Unfortunately and too often, women get portrayed as each other’s competition instead of each other’s supporters. 
Growing up in a community where arts and culture were prominent in our lives, we wanted to embrace that during the art exhibitions we curate. After researching, we found that a fun, celebratory event called SWAN (Support Women Artists Now) Day commences at the end of March through the end of April; hence our interest in consistently hosting the event between that time frame. SWAN Day is an international holiday designed to showcase the power and diversity of women’s creativity. Learn more about international SWAN Day events here.

SWAN Day events were established here in Chicago in April of 2014. We have continued this annual event in hopes of bringing more awareness to women in the arts in our city. In addition to our efforts of supporting women in the arts, a percentage of the monies raised at each of our SWAN Day events goes toward a select youth arts organization in the city of Chicago, to help keep the arts alive, especially in communities where programs are underfunded and non-existent.

About the Curators

Charne Graham (left) and Rachel Gadson (right) are the creative curators behind the annual SWAN Day Chicago event; cohesively working to shine light on women in the creative arts world. We started curating SWAN Day events in Chicago in 2014 and have continued this annual event in hopes of bringing more awareness to women in the arts.

Both stemming from creative backgrounds, we both have history with the creative arts community in the city. Our goal each year is to orchestrate an event that sparks consumer interest in the featured artists personal projects, display their talents at a well-attended event and foster an environment for creative professional networking.​