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2019 SWAN Day 
Celebrating Women in Dance

  1. Kia Smith
    Kia Smith
    Modern/Contemporary dancer and choreographer. South Chicago Dance Theater
  2. Star Dixon
    Star Dixon
    Tap dancer
  3. Christina Mighty
    Christina Mighty
    Reggae/Dancehall queen
  4. MurdaMommy
    Chicago Footworker
  5. Sobenna Worrill
    Sobenna Worrill
    West African Dancer/Choreographer

2018 SWAN Day 
Celebrating Women Mixed Media Artists

  1. Jaelen Isis
    Jaelen Isis
  2. Zitlali Yunehem
    Zitlali Yunehem
  3. Tarynn Jackson
    Tarynn Jackson
    Tarynn A. Jackson, better known as, Edwin Antoinette 7160 (EA7160), is a Chicago based, self proclaimed abstract artist. Influenced by artists such as Jean Michel-Basquiat and Dr. Margaret Burroughs, it's not surprising her work has a heavy presence of African/Black culture.
  4. Katrice Buckley
    Katrice Buckley
  5. Tyler Clark
    Tyler Clark
    Her goal as an artist is to inspire others with her talent, creating pieces that have uplifting and motivational elements. Tyler creates multidimensional paintings using hair, fabric, and or jewelry. Over the past few years she has been a visual performing artist at many events in Chicago.

2017 SWAN Day 
Celebrating Women Graphic Designers

  1. Woo Bryant
    Woo Bryant
    Bryant has been featured in the RAWArtists Showcase, Pancakes & Beer, and 2 Night Stand. She currently resides in Chicago with wife, Audrey.
  2. Mia Lee
    Mia Lee
    Growing up as an only child, Mia developed an immense fascination of all things strange and beautiful, with a wild obsession for flowers and cartoons. These passions and wild fascinations reflect in Mia’s work, who’s style is very playful and fun, which is a direct reflection of her personality.
  3. Michelle West
    Michelle West
    Michelle is a graphic designer and illustrator who has worked across Chicago, and the Chicagoland area. She plans to continue making bold and unique graphic design and illustration work that brings new perspectives of the world the way that she sees it.
  4. Caira Lee Conner
    Caira Lee Conner
    Art and Design are the tools that Cairá uses to explore interpretations and understandings of Blackness. She is an interdisciplinary artist that uses multiple forms of assemblage through multiple media including fabric construction, acrylic and watercolor painting, illustration, digital design, found objects, and unique fiber art.
  5. LeAnne Jones
    LeAnne Jones
    She turns lemonade into Hennessy and BAE to her means Bacon and Eggs. Born in the United Kingdom but allowed ‘Bron’ to raise her, Lavinia (La-Vin-Ya) “Le’Anne” Jones, is a recent cancer survivor with a passion to paint the world with colorful memories.
  6. Veronica Owens
    Veronica Owens
    Born and raised in Chicago, IL, I am a self taught artist and designer who began my creative career at the age of 6, by selling drawings to people in my neighborhood. I love design, not just for it’s own sake but for what it can do for people.

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2016 SWAN Day 
Celebrating Women Filmmakers

  1. Sanicole
    Sanicole is an extraordinary writer/director from Chicago, IL. She graduated with her film/video degree from Columbia College Chicago and has exhibited numerous short films in film festivals around the country.
  2. Chan C. Smith
    Chan C. Smith
    Chan is considered to be an intuitive visual storyteller, with a knack for capturing priceless moments behind the camera. She is known for working with entrepreneurs, artists, and businesses to help push their content or service to the forefront with her dynamic visuals.
  3. Ashley Battle
    Ashley Battle
    Ashley is a visual artist and music producer who has worked in music and video production for over eight years. Ashley has generated a lane specific to her unique style and is constantly pushing the limits of creativity.
  4. Jessica Estelle Huggins
    Jessica Estelle Huggins
    Huggins dove into film exploring her many talents in writing, directing, editing and casting. But her true passion is creative producing. Huggins hopes to continue creating beautifully inspiring narratives with lead actors and actresses that mirror the vast stories of the black community all over the world.

2015 SWAN Day 
Celebrating Women Photographers

  1. Stacia Wiggins
    Stacia Wiggins
  2. Dominique Shepherd
    Dominique Shepherd
  3. Kiara Sinclair
    Kiara Sinclair
  4. Imani Amos
    Imani Amos

2014 SWAN Day 
Celebrating Women Painters

  1. Tacarra 'Spifster' Sutton
    Tacarra 'Spifster' Sutton
    As the go-to Windy City manicurist that “spiffs up” manicures to the nth degree at Shervan Salon, Tacarra “Spifster” Sutton is known for her innovative and edgy nail designs.
  2. Morgan Bell
    Morgan Bell
    Morgan, a visual artist, was born in and raised back and forth between Chicago and Northwest Indiana. Most of her work is fueled by her exploration into the studies of magical and metaphysical subjects.
  3. Rachel Gadson
    Rachel Gadson
    A graphic designer by profession who still finds unrelatable joy when her pencil meets pad, or her paintbrush strokes a canvas; she’s found love in exploring the depths of mixed media art.
  4. Katrina 'Kat' Jackson
    Katrina 'Kat' Jackson
    Katrina Jackson is a tattoo artist and painter. She went off to the University of Missouri to study mathematics when she ironically discovered her passion to become a tattoo artist.
  5. Shani Crowe
    Shani Crowe
    Shani Crowe is a multimedia artist, keeping the proverbial flame of cultural coiffure, adornment, and beauty ritual, as they relate to the diasporic African.